Saturday, September 19, 2015

RIP, Our BELOVED DAVID [RYAN] WYMOLA 9.02.1980-8.10.2015


                David RYAN Wymola

We, The Wymola Family,
have had a bad year and have suffered the loss of our two grown Wymola sons.

We are still in mourning after the
Tragic Death of Greg Wymola on June 26, 2015,      

 then only 45 days later, Ryan, age 34 
on August 10, 2015 sadly
Took His Own Life.

We have only Memories and We will Never Forget these beloved brothers who
are together in Heaven.

June 2013, Father's Day

Ryan at his little Brother [Greg's]Funeral
RIP Greg Aron Wymola

Our Family Christmas photo back in 1996

I like to imagine Ryan doing what he Loved to do up there in Heaven,
Hog Hunting.

Ryan's Smile will always be how
we remember him.