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April 5, 1996 - Our Story - David and Susan and Family 1994 to Present

The Story of Us
April 5, 1996 
Matrimonial Ceremony of
David Wymola and Susan Downey

We were Young and first met at the Lakeview Club in Bryan,Texas

We didn't date back then, we just danced!
I was with My friends from Franklin,Tx. Susan
was with her friends from Bedias, Tx.

In 1993 we were reconnected thorough my
sister-in-law, Debbie Gibson Wymola at the time.
Debbie and Susan were friends from school in Madisonville, Texas

It was Long Lost Love and we dated in 1994 and then 
Married on April 5, 1996
I Love this photo at our wedding ceremony
at the Home of Sandy and Robert Little in Franklin,Texas

 Jacob was about to start Kindergarten
which he started at Franklin Elementary.


I love seeing our baby pictures together.

                      The Franklin Years when our kids
          were young and so were we.

The Wheelock Place in 2000.



                                             Our Grand darlins

Our newest family member,
Elizabeth Grace Wymola


 Susan and David Wymola

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The Wymola Family, William Joseph Wymola and others

In Memory of My Father,
William Joseph Wymola

William Joseph Wymola
He's the tall one in the back at the top with the baseball cap on.

Shannon and LaVelle Moreaux Hazel and William Wymola

   Hazel and William Wymola with their first born, William J. Wymola, Jr.

Mr.& Mrs. William J.Wymola
with young David and big brother Jr.

David Randall Wymola age 5

Father's Day 2013.
Ryan, David and Greg

Thursday, March 6, 2014

JUST FOR THE RECORD by David Randall Wymola

Being Retired I have found time to discover the Internet.  It's amazing what you can learn when you google things.  I have been out of the loop but Now I am here to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!  I am not one to hold grudges, Life is just too short to let anything negative control your life. That being said, If I sit here and keep my mouth shut, the lies told about me might be believed as the truth.  

I was searching something on google, and decided to google my name. Well, would you look at what I discovered.  

In regard to this article: 'Robertson County, Texas, Appellant, v. Cynthia WYMOLA, Appellee, as heard in Tx  Court of appeals, click here to read the article I am referring to in it's entirety.  

I would like to comment on this particular section of Cynthia [Cindy] Wymola's statement she gave as her background information.  This is an excerpt from the article I will comment on:


[Cynthia Wymola was the victim of domestic violence.   Wymola's ex-husband, David Wymola, began abusing her in 1980.   According to Wymola's testimony, the abuse subsided for a period but resumed in 1985.   Wymola testified that David would “pop her” on both ears and push her down.   The Wymola's separated during 1992.   On January 2, 1993, David came to Wymola's house in Franklin, Texas, and attempted to rape her.   Wymola's minor son threatened David with a gun, and David left.   The child called the Robertson County Sheriff's Department to report the incident.   Dispatcher Roger Ann Fulton received the call and dispatched Franklin Police Officer Mike Glass to the scene.]


Cindy Wymola is my ex wife since 1994. The article about the Robertson Co. v Wymola was published April, 2000.  It's been 14 years and I never knew until I stumbled upon this article that my ex Wife, Cindy was telling lies about me being abusive.  Nothing gets under my skin worse than being falsely accused of hurting someone.  

After the experience of being married to someone working for the Robertson Co Sheriff Dept, Franklin, Tx., I learned a lot about what goes on behind closed doors and from people who are supposed to be the Authorities and People we are supposed to Protect Us and We trust to do what's right.

Cindy Wymola worked at the RCSD, in Franklin,Tx. While she was working there, a Calvert,Tx. Police officer named Wayne Huggins (married) would frequent the Franklin Jail to visit Cindy. Witnesses told me this happened frequently.  Cindy Wymola and Wayne Huggins began a relationship that led to Cindy asking me to Leave our home so that she may persue a relationship with another man-Wayne Huggins.

My whole world came crashing down on me because I was losing everything I had worked for, my Home and My children. They were ages 10 and 6 at that time. My children were Robbed of their childhood.

There were confrontations and tensions were high and there were arguments and while we were going through this stage of our marital separation. There was no rape or attacks on Cindy Wymola as she claims in the reports.  Cindy and Wayne wanted to be together but they wanted Me out of the way, so they manufactured lies to try to get me arrested.  The RCSD did not send an officer to my home, because they knew I had not done anything to be arrested for.

I was encouraged to seek counseling and admitted myself into Greenleaf Psychiatric Facility in Bryan,Tx.

I figured I could use some counseling. I was heartbroken that I would not be living in the home with my boys. I did everything for them. 
After being at Greenleaf one week, my Dr. told me there was nothing wrong with me mentally. I was being maniuplated and my wife only wanted financial support and this was a way to get me out of the picture. 

Shortly after I moved out of my home, Cindy was fired from RCSD at Franklin,Tx.  The reasons RCSD gave for firing Cindy were not legit, I didn't believe that was the reason they fired her.  I believe it was due to the inappropriate behavior between Cindy, an employee of the RCSD, and a Married Police Officer from Calvert, Wayne Huggins. 

This excerpt right out of the Article:

Exclusion of Wayne Huggins' Testimony

In its seventh issue, the County contends that the trial court erred in limiting the testimony of Officer Wayne Huggins.   The County argues that Huggins's testimony explained why the rule regarding jail security was enforced more strictly against Wymola than it was against other employees by establishing that Wymola had previously violated jail security.   Wymola responds by arguing that the probative value of Huggins's testimony was substantially outweighed by the risk of unfair prejudice.   See Tex.R. Evid. 403.

As previously noted, admitting and excluding evidence are matters within the trial court's discretion.   To obtain reversal of a judgment based on error in the admission or exclusion of evidence, the County must show that the trial court's ruling was in error and that the error was calculated to cause and probably did cause rendition of an improper judgment.   See Exxon Corp. v. West Texas Gathering Co., 868 S.W.2d 299, 303 (Tex.1993);  Lubbock County v. Strube, 953 S.W.2d 847, 855 (Tex.App.-Austin 1997, pet. denied);  Tex.R.App. P. 44.1(a).
In a bill of exception, Huggins stated that he and Wymola had an intimate relationship while Wymola was still married, that Wymola allowed Huggins into the control room regardless of whether he had business at the jail, and that Hurley banned Huggins from the jail to “prevent a scandal or a problem within his department.”   Portions of this testimony do explain why the rules regarding jail security might have been enforced more strictly against Wymola and are therefore clearly relevant. But Hurley testified that the breach of security that led to Wymola's termination involved David Wymola, not Officer Huggins.   In fact, Hurley made no mention of Huggins in his testimony.   Because the portions of Huggins's testimony regarding his relationship with Wymola were clearly prejudicial and because the County could have elicited testimony regarding Wymola's alleged breaches in security from other witnesses, we hold the County has not shown that the trial court abused its discretion by limiting Huggins's testimony.  ]]]]]]

The relationship did not work out, and even though Wayne Huggins backed away from the relationship, My family was already broken.  Wayne is not totally at fault.  Cindy Wymola lured this married man into a relationship.  

When things didn't go as planned, Cindy called me and told me she didn't know what she was going to do.  

I stepped up and told her I would help her and support her until she figured things out. I did this because of my two boys. 

Cindy decided to file a law suit against RCSD for wrongful termination, and she hired Robert Luther, attorney to represent her case.   

Cindy asked me if I would support her while she attended Police Academy, and until she got a job.

She also asked me to postpone the Divorce so she could be kept on the insurance policy because she had a questionable lump on her breast and needed to make sure that was ok before losing insurance.   I made that commitment for my Boys.

Cindy needed my help and also needed me as a witness for her case against RCSD.  I believed it was a legit case.  I was promised by Cindy and her attorney, Robert Luther, that I would be rewarded for all that I had done to help Cindy through this crisis and trial.

Robert Luther, atty., promised me I would get that reward and I would be sitting in a brand new Pickup truck and I could buy that BBQ pit I always wanted, or anything I wanted.  

Cindy and her attorney both buttered me up so I would continue to remain married to Cindy in name and money only, so I would keep paying her bills until she got a job.  I was not sure how long this would go on.  

Soon after Cindy got a job, I let her know I was going ahead to file for divorce and I would no longer keep supporting her financially. She had her job, and a live in boyfriend, so I was ready to move on too.

She got angry and no sooner did I get the words out of my mouth, she borrowed money from her boyfriends' credit card and went out and filed for Divorce asap.  She filed first so it would be done in McClennan County instead of Robertson Co. She filed for divorce on the grounds that I abandoned her and the kids and didn't do anything to help her financially.

I had met my now wife, Susan Downey, and we lived together for two years waiting for the divorce to happen. We married in 1996.

For a period of 7 to 8 years I paid Child Support through the court system and never missed a payment or a day of work. I had the boys alternate weekends and I drove all the way to Hewitt to pick them up and also to return them home.

In 2000, I was forced into early retirement at age 50, I had 30 years at GATX and they gave me an ultimatum and said I should retire to keep my insurance, or stay working and lose that insurance plan for a lesser quality plan, and there would be no more incintive pay.  I opted to retire and maybe it was not the best choice now that I have had 14 years to recover and I learned that things might not have been that bad, I should have kept working.  Our financial situation got worse instead of better. I could not find suitable work for 3 years. Susan and I have struggled and are still recovering at the hands of GATX, my former employer.

During this time we were financially struggling, Cindy won her law suit with the RCSD.  Just as I had been told by Cindy and Robert Luther, atty.,I got rewarded!  I was rewarded with a letter from Robert Luther letting me know I was being sued for back child support.  

We didn't think it was real, because I knew I had never missed a payment or missed any work and I paid through the court system.  It was for real, Cindy had money to burn, so she went to extreme measures to try to get more money out of me.  We had to hire an attorney and we went to court.   

I did make the mistake of not getting my child support legally modified when I retired,[Lesson to be Learned here] so that order was the only thing I had going against me. I didn't think Cindy would ever persue that since I had supported her financially [instead of legally divorcing her] way way longer than I should have. At times Cindy would tell me she knew who helped her when she was down, yet Cindy was still trying to punish me for her unhappiness. 

The Child support case ended up being the best thing we could have ever experienced. It opened up our eyes to things we didn't know about. About all the many many hundreds of prescription drugs at the hand of their Mother.  Cindy took them to a psychiatrist every week to get counseling and told the Dr's that the kids were depressed because of abuse from Me [their Dad ] and they were afraid of me. She had them on Prozac at ages 11 and 7.  The real reason they were depressed is because they were uprooted from their secure home, family, friends, school, and Me, their Dad, just because Cindy wanted to persue a personal and intimate relationship outside the marriage.  If Cindy Wymola really cared about the welfare of her children, she should have Left the home, and let the children stay in their happy and secure environment.  

I am disappointed in the way my boys suffered at the hands of their Mother, Cindy Wymola. Because she was unhappy, she chose to drag her children through hell and bash their Father.  No matter what sacrifices I made to stick by Cindy Wymola during her crisis, I was still to blame and to this day [ 22 years after our marriage was over] I hear from others that Cindy Wymola continues to tell lies and bash my name.  

Despite all the underhanded actions Cindy Wymola did to try to turn boys against me, My sons and I are as close as ever today.   I am Thankful for that because both of them mean the world to me.  

Life is Short. Marriage is hard. Kids suffer from Divorce. Kids should not be the ones to take the fall. 

My wife, Susan and I have been together for 20 years. There have been rocks and bumps along the way, but we overcame all the obstacles and managed to get through.  We try to have a good attitude and stay positive. 

Tune In here on my weblog for more Family History and stories, according to me-

David Randall Wymola
typed by Susan Downey Wymola