Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 5, 1996 - Our Story - David and Susan and Family 1994 to Present

The Story of Us
April 5, 1996 
Matrimonial Ceremony of
David Wymola and Susan Downey

We were Young and first met at the Lakeview Club in Bryan,Texas

We didn't date back then, we just danced!
I was with My friends from Franklin,Tx. Susan
was with her friends from Bedias, Tx.

In 1993 we were reconnected thorough my
sister-in-law, Debbie Gibson Wymola at the time.
Debbie and Susan were friends from school in Madisonville, Texas

It was Long Lost Love and we dated in 1994 and then 
Married on April 5, 1996
I Love this photo at our wedding ceremony
at the Home of Sandy and Robert Little in Franklin,Texas

 Jacob was about to start Kindergarten
which he started at Franklin Elementary.


I love seeing our baby pictures together.

                      The Franklin Years when our kids
          were young and so were we.

The Wheelock Place in 2000.



                                             Our Grand darlins

Our newest family member,
Elizabeth Grace Wymola


 Susan and David Wymola