In September 2016 I was diagnosed with
Prostate Cancer. After Surgery in 
January 2017, here is how I spent time recovering. Garden therapy.
First we tilled a spot. Then we got
the rows ready.         

We planted a lot of things from seed. 
It was cool watching them grow.


We transplanted them to the garden 
when they got bigger.

We bought tomato, peppers, green beans, snap beans, squash and zuchinni and onion plants.

The garden in early spring:

 We went on a short trip to Galveston in 
early May.  We booked the cutest little
beach cottage on Air BnB. 
It was right on the Sea Wall. 


A Little Beach Therapy really does the 
soul some good. 


The Food really Hit the Spot

A few weeks after the beach trip, 
this was the Garden

          We were so Blessed with our Bounty  
The Tomatoes went crazy, the squash and 
zuchinni took over and filled up the garden.
The marigolds we planted from seed 
grew 4 feet tall.  

                           We Got a Lot of Rain and 
              Everything was so Green




Jen and Jack were able to visit for 
Mother's Day

 La Margarita's was a Big hit
Jen's first time there.
 They brough a Beautiful Bouquet For Susan!



 Father's Day week was fun. 
Elizabeth spent a few days.
We had so much fun at the Lake

Elizabeth, Artist in Training 


More fun in the back yard playing in water and the kiddie pool.

Elizabeth is Hooked on Yard Sales now. She Scored BIG!

Check out the new to her Boots! 

               Bountiful Blessings

   David is enjoying the Spa Pool 
   we got him for Father's Day 

       SUSAN IS TOO!

             Elizabeth says Take Time to 
             Sniff All the flowers

That's it from Wymolaville for now


Ya'll Come Back to See us.

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