Thursday, July 6, 2017


 JULY 1, 2017 
It's her Daddy's birthday, he would have been 32. This is the first visit to see her Daddy (Greg Wymola) and her 
Uncle Ryan Wymola's
Resting Place. 
Elizabeth is still so sad, as we all are
that she can't see and hold her Daddy.
She is very strong and brave but
you can see she is still feeling the pain of losing her Daddy. 

But Yet she has so much Love and
she has wonderful loving memories of Greg,
and she can still Smile.

We are so Thankful of all the contributions
toward the funeral costs, and even though we mailed Thank You Notes, We are still
in Awe of the People who helped us through this sad time.

There was a Fundraiser Hog Hunt organized by Ryan's friends in 2016 
so Headstones could be purchased. 
It was an amazing and successful event and great turnout. 
We will Update when
Headstones are in Place.

If we could choose what the Headstones would say, it would be:

 Wymola Brothers Forever Young
Forever in our Hearts and Memories

Greg and Ryan Wymola
Today is July 6. This time of year we remember the days we spent between the loss of Greg (6.26.2015) 
and then his big brother 
Ryan (8.10.2015). 
We had no idea what event would take place only 45 days later.

We all Grieve this tragic loss of 
two young Men. 
We will always remember them.  

We are Thankful for all the Support 
and Love from Family & Friends.

 The family of David and Susan Wymola


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